EFS LVT Z-Easy 201 Stone Light Slate Stone Effect Waterproof Click Vinyl - Underlay Pre-attached - DIY Friendly
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  • Description
  • As well as incredible stability and performance, Rigid Core Floor Technology is available in a variety of realistic wood and stone finishes to give you an ultra-authentic floor.

    Take a look at the full Z-Easy collection now.


    Each layer has a special role... 1. UV Coating this layer protects the wear layer from premature wear and scratches, this layer can be recoated over periods of wear.  2. The Wear Layer is the element that gives the floor ultra-durability, a clear, toughened layer. 3. The Print Film is the decor layer, it is designed to offer the authentic appearance of wood and stone. 4. The Rigid Core is a blend of stone and PVC to create an ultra stable floor that performs to the highest standard. 5. Built-in Sound Reducing Foam Underlay enables quick and easy installation and reduces sound transmission by up to 17db. It is bright green the mark of a quality Z-Easy floor.


    Product specification

    Description: EFS LVT Z-Easy 

    Type of Floor: Water Proof Vinyl 

    Total Thickness: 5.5mm

    Width & Length: 650mm x 228mm

     Pack Size: 1.482m2 

    Joint Type: Click System

    Bevelled Edges: 4 Sides

    Floated Installation: Yes

    Fully Bonded Installation: No

    Secret Nailed Installation: No

    Suitable For Underfloor Heating: Yes

    Hardness: Hard

    EUTR Compliant: Yes

  • Reviews
  • Check out our Google Review page with 5-Star Rating, just click on the icon below:






  • Pros & Cons
  • Pros:

    • 100% Waterproof This floor is fully waterproof! Making it ideal for problem areas such as bathroom and kitchen floors. It's one of the most practical floors and great for pets

    • Easy Click System Installation EFS Z-Easy flooring is a floating floor and with Uniclic® locking system. This makes it extremely easy to install and gives the floor a very strong hold. 

    • Built in Underlay It comes already with a pre-attached iXPE underlay. Not only does this save time and cost with installation, but it also adds a reduction in sound transmission.

    • Lifetime Residential Warranty and 10 years warranty in commercial environments.

    • Very Stable & Durable Made from a rigid core of PVC and Limestone powder, EFS Z-Easy flooring is extremely stable and stronger than any other vinyl, laminate or wood floors.

    • Suitable with Underfloor Heating It's fully compatible with underfloor heating systems (to a maximum of 27 celsius)

    • Environmentally Friendly EFS Z-Easy floors are green - they are all Phthalate-free and fully recyclable.

    • Quiet Underfoot With a reduction of up to 17db, making our floors ideal for apartments and hotels, where quiet floors are especially important.

    • Naturally Warm Underfoot than other floors like laminate and stone floors. 

    • Easy Buying Experience from a friendly bunch


    • The subfloor should be flat and solid Cannot lay on another underlay or uneven subfloor 
  • Warranty
  • Residential Use - Lifetime Warranty

    Commercial Use - 10 years

  • Delivery
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    • Next day deliveries are also possible if you require your flooring urgently

    • All EFS flooring deliveries are made either from the supplier's main warehouse or our store in Reading (some popular lines we keep in stock at our showroom) and are made as a kerbside delivery on a pallet (unless certain accessories or a special delivery arranged by a courier)

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  • Returns
    • First of all - we assist you as much as we can with any issues including Returns

    • On EFS brand we offer Hassle-Free Returns of Unused, Unopened, Undamaged packs within 30 days

    • Accessories products can be exchanged (if the wrong colour, type is chosen for example)

    • If you change your mind and wish to return the products for a full refund - no problem, we assist you with that.
      There would be a re-stocking fee of 20% in such instance though to cover logistics costs and other expenses.

    • If you are willing to exchange, there would be no re-stocking fee applied, but maybe additional delivery/collection costs applied


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  • Installation
  • EFS Z-Easy Flooring uses the industry famous Uniclic® locking system. The benefit to this, is because Uniclic® click together method is known within floor layers and construction professionals across the globe, the system is proven to produce fast installation, excellent locking properties and a strong, tight fit, ensuring each plank performs how it should for longer.
    The brief video above (just scroll through photos) shows the two ways our product can connect to the two adjoining planks easily using the Uniclic® method.
    Read our installation advice below if you are new to laying this type of flooring and if you have any further questions, please contact us or consult a flooring professional.

    1. Let the planks acclimatise for 48 hours in the unopened packaging at the normal room temperature, in the middle of the room where the floor is to be installed. The ideal conditions are 15-22°C at a relative humidity of 30-75%. If climate conditions are outside this 30-75% range, we strongly advise acclimatising for 1 week with opened packages.
    2. Remove any damp-porous floor covering (carpet, needle felt, etc.) first. Damp-sealed floor covering (PVC, linoleum, VCT, etc.) does not have to be removed. 
    3. WOODEN SUBFLOOR: Remove any existing floor covering first. No signs of mould and/or insect infestations should be present. Make sure the subfloor is level. Nail down any loose parts. If the wooden subfloor is flat (no unevenness greater than 2mm over the length of 1 meter) you can lay Z-Easy rigid core flooring with its built-in underlay directly on top. If the wooden subfloor is not flat and has unevenness > 2mm and < 4mm (because of cupping of the wooden subfloor planks: you would be best to add board the floor with plyboard or hardboard. If the wooden subfloor is not flat and has unevenness > 4mm: you have to install a fibered levelling compound or plywood / OSB levelling floor. Install the new floor at ninety degrees to the existing subfloor. The crawl space under the plank floor must be sufficiently ventilated. Remove any obstacles and make sure there is sufficient ventilation (minimum 4cm² (1/2”) total ventilation openings per m² (40”) of the floor). The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 10%.
    4. Additional instructions apply if there is underfloor heating or cooling. Your dealer or installer of the floor heating system must guarantee that the floor surface temperature never exceeds 28 degrees°C (European standard). The heating element of the electric or wet system must be at least 8mm distance from the back of the ZEEZOO Flooring. This can either be encapsulated in a screed, or a thick enough board placed between the UFH and the flooring. This ensures the heat is evenly dissipated across the flooring.
    5. Make sure the subfloor is level. Any unevenness greater than 2mm over the length of 1 meter must be smoothed out. The same applies to any unevenness of more than 1mm over a length of 20cm.
    6. Make sure that the floor base is flat, clean, firm, and dry. Please note: Any movement underneath your floor after installation can stress the product, resulting in the click system and other parts breaking once trafficked, it is very important the subfloor is prepared correctly before installation.
    7. To install your Z-Easy rigid core flooring you need the following standard tools: utility knife, pencil, tape measure, safety goggles and gloves.
    8. Apart from that, you also need the following accessories: an installation kit (a pulling iron, spacers and a tapping block suitable for the Uniclic® click system) and suitable maintenance products. The use of accessories other than products suitable with Uniclic® floors might cause damage to the Zeezoo® rigid core flooring. In such a case, the guarantee provided by Z-Easy rigid core flooring will be void. We, therefore, advise using only Unilin compatible accessories as these have been specially designed and tested for use with Z-Easy rigid core flooring.
    9. Check all panels before and during installation. Defective panels must never be used.
    10. Check whether the old skirting can be removed. You can leave the wall skirting boards in place and finish the floor with the necessary beading / profiles.
    11. Check that the doors can still open and close after the floor has been installed.
    12. Cooking islands for kitchens and other very heavy objects should be installed first and not placed on top of the Z-Easy rigid core flooring. The Z-Easy rigid core flooring must be able to move around the heavy objects to avoid open joints and separating planks.
    13. Make sure the panels are mixed sufficiently when you install them so that you do not end up with too many identical, light or dark panels next to each other. To obtain the best visual effect, it is best to fit the floorboards in the direction of the longest wall and parallel to the incidence of light.
    14. Before starting, carefully measure the length and width of the room to plan a precise layout to achieve a balanced appearance of the floor. This is very important when installing typical tile decors. This will ensure also you won’t end up with the last row being too narrow. If the last row would be less than 40mm, the installation will be easier if you cut down the planks of the first row in the length.
    15. Begin the first row with a whole plank. First saw off the tongue on both the long and the short sides.
    16. Put the plank with sawn off sides against the walls. Put spacers from the installation kit between the planks and the wall. This will ensure that your expansion joint is wide enough: 3 to 5mm.
    17. Position the panel to be installed at an angle of 20 to 30° to the panel already installed. Move the panel gently up and down and at the same time exert forward pressure. The panels will automatically click into place.
    18. With Uniclic® you can also tap the panels into each other without lifting. For this method, you must use the special Uniclic® tapping block. The planks should not be joined with a single tap. To avoid damaging the panels you must tap them together gradually.
    19. In places where it is too difficult to install the Unilic® planks with the tapping block (e.g. against the wall), you can tap them together using the pulling iron and a hammer.
    20. Once enough rows are installed, it is easy to continue the installation as follows: Put an unopened pack of panels on the already installed rows. Switch your position and click the short side of the panel in the previous panel.
    21. Now place your BOTH hands close to the joint as shown in the figure and pull the long side of the plank towards you. The panels will now click together.
    22. Continue like this to the end of the room.
    23. With lengths of more than 13 m and widths of more than 13 m, there should be an intermediate expansion joint. The swelling and shrinking are linear, so the bigger the surface, the bigger the play at the edge has to be.
    24. Room humidity can vary according to the season, so it is vital that the floor is able to expand and contract. For this reason, make sure you leave an expansion joint of a minimum 3 to 10mm on all sides of the floor, around pipes, thresholds and under doors. Expansion joints can be finished by means of skirting that is attached to the subfloor. It is mandatory to provide an expansion joint between different rooms (e.g. under the door).
    25. Remove all spacers.
    26. You can walk on the floor during and immediately after installation. Ensure that
    humidity in the room is always at least 50%. Use a humidifier if you need to.
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
    26. You can walk on the floor during and immediately after installation. Ensure that humidity in the room is always at least 50%. Use a humidifier if you need to.
    27. For dry maintenance, we advise a dustpan and brush or vacuum cleaner. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is equipped with soft wheels and a special parquet brush to avoid scratches on your floor.
    28. damp maintenance is allowed. Wet maintenance is not recommended.
    29. Protect furniture and chair legs. Avoid bringing dirt, water and sand indoors by providing a suitable floor mat at the door. Use (office) chairs and seats with soft wheels that are suitable for a Z-Easy rigid core flooring and/or use a suitable desk mat.
    30. Never drag items of furniture over the floor, but lift them up.
    31. Remove stubborn stains carefully with a recommended specific luxury vinyl floor cleaner, do not use heavy alkaline or acidic cleaning fluid as this will affect the PU coating. Regular maintenance and polishing of the floor every 8-12 months are recommended to restore the PU coating. For more information contact your Us.
  • Accessories
  • We have  Accessories to complement Z-Easy flooring.

    You can find that collection here.

  • Data Sheet
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