What is Stratex Flooring?

Stratex is Woodpecker's high quality, next generation flooring range where the

Brecon - is a new generation laminate with underlay pre-attached and 100% waterproof

Lynton is a new generation engineered wood with underlay pre-attached, water-resistant and dent-resistant.

In short, Stratex is:

  • Incredibly strong and durable, resistant to humid climates and compatible with underfloor heating, the perfect flooring choice for rooms that require a high-performance, low-maintenance floor.
  • It’s also available in over 26 colours and finishes, so there’s a wide selection to choose from.

The Technical Spec of Stratex

Woodpecker worked hard to perfect the key features of its Stratex floors to create a highly desirable range. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

  • A choice of embossed vinyl wood-effect (Brecon) or real wood upper layer (Lynton) for a stylish and durable finish
  • Mineral / Resin composite core (SPC to be sure - stands for Stone Plastic Composite) for incredible strength
  • Built-in underlay for speed and ease of installation
  • Low tog rating making it compatible for underfloor heating
  • Easiloc joints for easy, seamless fitting
  • With a choice of a water-resistant or a waterproof style, both suitable for installing directly onto most existing subfloors (subfloor should be sound)


The Brecon Range

A high-performance floor in a wide range of realistic wood-effect finishes

Woodpecker Brecon range is stylish and very practical too. It’s waterproof and highly durable which makes it an ideal option for those who are looking to fit out a bathroom, en-suite or kitchen.

Unlike the other floors in Woodpecker's range, Brecon has an embossed, woodgrain-effect vinyl upper layer which closely resembles the beautiful detailing of real wood.

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Brecon Plank Composition

The unique structure of layers creates a very tough floor, making it the practical choice for busy families. Whether its toys being thrown around or pets running wild, Brecon can withstand those crazy days with minimal marks.

Is underfloor heating a necessity? No problem…

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Brecon Seashell Oak

Due to its strong mineral / resin composite core, expansion is very minimal under varying temperature and humidity changes. This is great news for you as you can relax in the knowledge that our Brecon floors will look just as great in 25 years as they do on installation day.

The Lynton Range

Beautiful high-performance boards with a real wood top layer

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Lynton Plank Composition

Lynton is the newest range to join Woodpecker's collection of flooring. Created from our unique Stratex technology with a real-wood top layer, Lynton is as beautiful as it is practical. For people who want that natural wood finish, Lynton is an ideal choice. Not only does it have all of the key benefits of our Stratex range but the real wood top layer portrays the look and feel of both engineered and solid wood flooring. Thats why we call it the new generation Engineered Wood Flooring

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Lynton Weald Oak

The planks are dent-resistant and water-resistant, perfect for even the most hard-working rooms and are fully compatible with underfloor heating too. This means no warping, no unsightly cracks, and no need to worry if you have an absent-minded habit of rocking in your chair…