AC stands for Abrasion Coefficient (or Abrasion Class) and indicates how durable a laminate flooring is - including its density, compressive strength (imagine high heel traffic situation - quite a few floors would gradually become dented, but there are certain laminates, that can withstand it for a prolonged period of time), strengths of wear layer including chemical resistance (that's right - laminate floor with higher AC rating would be much more practical against odd spillages of wine, orange juice or pet accidents, etc) and more.
Typically the ratings are 3-5 nowadays, but entire range is between 1-6:
- AC3 - residential only really
- AC4 - good enough for residential and light commercial traffic
- AC5 - ideal for home and good for commercial
- AC6 - would be the strongest laminate, more rare and expect to pay over £40 per m2 (and thats right - that is the one, that is ok with high heels)
Also to add - AC rating has nothing to do with water residency and thickness, although AC5 & AC6 laminates tend to be at least 10-12mm thick.
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