I came across one of those laminates around a year ago and immediately notice the quality of the product, where the main give away signs of it were metallic click system, as well as pre-attached underlay among other things.
After looking further into its characteristics, I learned that this laminate is:
- Water resistant
- Comes with lifetime residential warranty (this aspect is gradually becoming a norm with good quality products)
- Is AC6 - that was new to me at the time, so that got my attention and I immediately became a “fan” of it (AC6 makes It extremely resistant to scratching and staining; if you don't know what AC rating means, check out our article here). 
- Aluminium Locking System - strongest locking system seen so far (tolerates really heavy loads like 1200 kg/linear meter) and unique to this product only.
- It is Antistatic - reduces the static charge in the room. Plus another benefit - it does not absorb dust.
Plus, the mentioned above Aluloc click system is so precisely engineered, that it makes it more of a slide-in rather than click-in of one boards with another, making installation process far easier (we like when things are “easy” at Easy Floor Store) and quicker with no need for specialised tools.
And also Pre-attached, sound absorbing underlay (19dB) not only safes time on installation, but also saves you on buying one at the first place.
No need to say, that aesthetic is also top class.
Also, all Berry Alloc products produced in compliance with ISO14001 standard and therefore make it very environmentally friendly. The floors are produced using Non-Toxic glues or Gas-Releasing Chemicals and with policy of Zero-Use of Tropical timber. Made in Norway, Grand Avenue Collection, is also produced utilising hydro-electric power, having negative CO2 production output to the environment.
More info on Berry Alloc Grand Avenue Collection here.
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